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  Whether it’ s a catch basin fallen in, broken sidewalk, Handicap ramp, or you need  truncated domes installed PMOH is here to give you a hand. We can install new sidewalks, aprons, dumpster pads and sections of parking lots.

Concrete Sealing:​

   According to concrete trade organizations such as Concrete Network, you should plan on resealing every 1 to 3 years. There are different types of sealers for each project. Some people like the look of wet-look sealers, others find them unnatural looking, especially on stamped, colored, or textured concrete surfaces, such as are often used on patios and pool decks. However, some wet-look sealers also include coloring agents that can be used to stain a slab as well as seal it. PMOH only uses quality products and we recommend to seal the area(s) every two-three years depending on wear. 



Let one of our qualified estimators visit your investment and give you a hand!

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