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SEALCOATING AND STRIPING 101- "The parking lot is the welcome mat to your property"


Sealcoating is essential in pavement preservation and extending the life of your asphalt pavement.


There are many benefits of sealcoating asphalt, including improving visual aesthetics, resisting oxidation from the sun, replacing eroded surfaces, extending the life and optimizing the overall value of the asphalt pavement.

- Oxidation

exposure to sunlight results in oxidation of the pavement, which results in a loss of pavement “plasticity.” Oxidation allows the attraction of water molecules, which accelerates thermal and fatigue cracking and surface raveling. As oxidation progresses, fines are released from the pavement surface, exposing larger aggregate, and as the pavement continues to dry out and is exposed to traffic (as well as a variety of weather conditions) aggregate can be pulled out of the pavement and small cracks begin to form. These cracks, if left untreated, eventually become larger, providing a way for water to work its way beneath the pavement.

- Fuel resistance. Applying sealer will protect you investment from fuel and oil spoils that will deteriorate your blacktop

The truth about Sealcoating:

Assuming that most asphalt pavements are designed and constructed correctly – meaning the subgrade is sound, proper drainage and compacted, the appropriate base material is placed and compacted properly, and the correct thickness of hot mix (based on type and volume of traffic) is placed and compacted properly – sealcoating will extend pavement life by protecting the asphalt binder from oxidation, slowing the inevitable deterioration.

PMOH will set up a maintenance plan that works for your property's condition.


Let us come evaluate your property at no charge.

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